Hey there! My name is Rebekah, I'm 20 and in my final year of studying to become a "suit" in Auckland, New Zealand.

You may be interested in the tales I have to tell about being a student/intern.

Ask/Tell me something if you like!

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Two girls one cup plus children. Seriously it works.

Is it sad that I instantly recognised each of these?

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If there’s one thing I learnt while completing a Bachelor’s degree in New Zealand…

It’s the words to many classic kiwi hits after being on hold with Studylink for a total of about 15 hours of my life. They really need a playlist with a duration that exceeds that of their maximum hold time. You can only listen to Slice of Heaven so many times in the space of an hour without sprouting ginger hairs.

I don’t even know about advertising anymore. I don’t know if it’s a genuine loss of interest or if I’ve become disheartened by this fruitless job search. I’m still looking but yeeeah…

Studying media at University of Auckland this year. Got into a fairly exclusive screenwriting paper, so I’m excited for that! Wish me luck!

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A-Listers? Check.

Clear message? Check.

Virality? Check.

Catchy as jingle? CHEEEECCCKKK.

The perfect example of simple yet effective? I don’t quite understand why celebrities would get behind it though when it’s likely that MANY people use it to illegally share their work. Must have been a huge payday. Though I’m not surprised a website that is 4% of the internet has enough to throw down thousands to Kanye West for speak for less than five seconds. Also, 4% OF THE INTERNET?

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Jake/Bender + Finn/Fry
(Credit: wondercat)

Jake/Bender + Finn/Fry

(Credit: wondercat)

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Neglect, excitement and dolla dolla bills

So this blog hasn’t moved for a long while now but I thought I’d pop in for an update!

One - I’m home from Australia, have been for over a month and it feels great. Missing a few faces in Melbourne but I’m so fortunate to have had that experience. It was amazing. I’m so grateful for all that I learnt (which is a ton).

Two - The “job opportunity” in Auckland which was a large part of why I didn’t stay on in Melbourne a bit longer, ended up being pretty crap. Did some useful stuff, but ultimately it went nowhere, which is a bummer, but I’m past it and looking forward to the future already!

Three - Graduation next month!!! I didn’t count on it happening even a tiny bit until I was sure I had passed my final paper. But I got the mark this morning and it was better than expected and I’m so excited now.

Four - I’m going into DDB tomorrow! It’s just a chat, so I don’t expect anything to come of it, but I’m still excited. If anyone has any tips for leaving a lasting impression, that’d be great!

Five - Will work for food/experiences ultimately leading to food.

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